Let Loose the Filth!

I know so many people, especially from my generation, have already made a hobby, if not a career, out of digging through the cultural trash heap, but, hey, what does it hurt to have just one more archeologist of  junky pop culture on the Interwebs?

Well, I do already run  (irregularly) The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, which is dedicated to the kind of off-Hollywood and off-kilter films that got me through an adolescence spent in Middleburg, Nowhere.  So this blog is going to be the vehicle for my obsessive crackpot thoughts about “trash culture” in general, from buff, anti-corporate, motorcycle-riding mice from Mars to trashy ’90s gore comics and everything in-between.

All that said, hello!  Hopefully this blog will have a longer lifespan than the vast majority of my projects.


2 thoughts on “Let Loose the Filth!

  1. As a long-time lurking presence at Dukakis Hugging Moon Maiden, I hope this lasts a good long while as well. Sad to see the old blog go, but I’m glad you’re still in the game. Being the lone member of Cold Fusion Video’s Progressive Caucus would suck.

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