Change? Ya Got Change?

Without going into detail about my day job, let me just say that summers are usually tough for me financially, because I literally don’t get paid from May until August.  Now I’ll admit that I’m still able to pay rent with just my savings and I can pick up a few odd jobs to help make sure I don’t starve, but nonetheless money is always really tight this time of year and every little bit of income I can piece together until the end of summer helps tremendously.  I don’t like asking for charity, so instead let me just say if you enjoyed my posts at all and you happen to have some money to burn, feel free to throw in a few bucks by clicking on that PayPal icon to the right.

Another thing too is that I really would like to get cracking on things so obscure that you can’t even find it on the Internet.  Case in point:  Oops!, the crappy sitcom about a post-apocalyptic Earth, only has a couple of episodes up on YouTube.  Also I don’t think you can even torrent it.  Instead you have to pick up an unofficial DVD made by collectors.  So, not to blackmail my five or six readers, but the more donations I get throughout the year obviously the easier it would be for me to justify getting and writing up the obscurest crap imaginable.

Thanks in advance, and expect another installment in the my adventures with a certain horrible Christian Zelda rip-off later this week.


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