Radio Silence (For A While Anyway)

My computer died, and somewhat unexpectedly too.  Worse, I’m not much of a tech person, so this inconveniences me more than it would people more savvy and prepared than I am.  

You may have already noticed that I was posting on a less frequent schedule, and that was deliberate.  I was taking advantage of my looser schedule over the summer to work on other projects, so Trash Culture was on a back burner for a bit.  Honestly even my computer dying won’t have that much of an impact if you need your trash culture fix, but it will set us back a bit.

I won’t get into the messy, frustrating, and boring details, but to desperately save money I took steps that will basically mean I won’t have a new computer for a while.  It was also take longer before I get all the data restored.  While everything vitally important has been saved, I have a feeling – an increasingly sinking one, knowing my recent luck – that some of my media and game files have been lost to the void, or at least will take even more time to recover.  That means there is a chance, since I was playing Spiritual Warfare on an emulator, that I lost my save data for the game.  Now I’m committed to finishing the series, even it means starting the game over (God help me!), but in all probability it might be a few weeks until we bury Spiritual Warfare and drive a stake through its heart once and for all.  Also it means that another Forsaken post I had planned will have to be postponed.  It will be up eventually because while I lost the screenshots for it I do have my notes, but it will be a while on that too.

But this doesn’t mean this blog will go out of commission for too long.  There’s a “New Who” post I’ll have up in a couple of days and a new Simpsons write-up I can finish after that.  In the meantime, as much as it pains me to have to clang the cup, don’t forget the Donate button.  I’ve always been shocked and humbled whenever anyone donates any amount, but if you’ve enjoyed my posts at all and have felt any inclination to donate, now’s definitely the time!  

Despite the delays and problems, though, I have no intention of abandoning the blog and in fact I still have various plans to expand it further in the future, including the introduction of video posts.  I’m amazed and gratified that I have over a 100 followers on Twitter and that my site averages have been increasing each and every week for the past few months.  Thank you everyone for your support, either by donating or just sharing my posts, and stay tuned.


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