Adventures in Revisionism

Adventures in Revisionism: Revelations of Mega Man

(After moving and replacing my laptop, we should be going back on a normal posting schedule.  Thank you, dear readers, for your patience!)

“Your memory is glitching, Mega Man,” Dr. Light said, his voice unconcerned except for a hint of annoyance, like someone who found that his headphones were damaged and no longer working correctly.

“No,” Mega Man asserted.  “No.  No.  Things are wrong.”

Dr. Light chuckled.  “How existential.”  Even though Mega Man had skin of titanium, he flinched as Dr. Light caressed the part where his helmet had cracked through after the battle with Magnet Man where he was nearly destroyed, revealing a brain – human, 100% organic brain – encased in hard plastic.

“Things are wrong,” Mega Man said again, in the exact same tone and sound as before.

“On the contrary, things are right,” Dr. Light said.  “Business is booming and Dr. Wiley will be defeated again sooner or later.  It’s you that’s wrong.  This whole charade wouldn’t even be necessary if you weren’t so…hm, words fail me.  Old-fashioned?”

“Why…why…why?”  Mega Man stuttered.

“Steven Niles.  Does that name spark a memory, if only on some strange primal level?  That was your name, at some point…”

“Steve.  I liked to be called Steve…”

“Regardless,” Dr. Light said, as he investigated the damage to the helmet with a pocket light.  “I would have thought you’d still have a sense of gratitude, even though your old identity was erased.  Point one for cold, heartless science, no points for metaphysical sentimentality, I suppose.”

Satisfied with his investigation, Dr. Light sighed and in his pockets exchanged his light for a disc drive.

“I really do wonder sometimes why I don’t just have you kill Dr. Wiley.  I doubt either the authorities or the media would complain,” Dr. Light said as he plugged the drive into the outlet just under Mega Man’s left ear.  “But he was the one who found a way to keep the human brain sane and functional once it’s transplanted into a robotic body.  I just had the idea of claiming to the general public that your kind are just robots with really good AI and secretly selling the operation only to the wealthiest of the wealthy.  I certainly never expected he’d want to create a world where the transplants would be militarized and rule over the still organic.  No matter what I just can’t stand the idea of such wasted talent.”

“Organic…”  Mega Man whispered before going unconscious.

Dr. Light sighed again, but was thankful that he had developed a way to efficiently delete unwanted memories from even an organic brain.  It was just a shame that this was the third time he had to do it.  Perhaps it was a bad idea after all to offer an uneducated high school drop-out the opportunity to become a transplant, just because he was the only one to volunteer to fight Dr. Wiley, but still, despite everything, Mega Man was such a hard, reliable worker.


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