Trash Culture Plays Shin Megami Tensei I, Part 3

So this might be the last of these Let’s Plays.  My six or seven readers might be aware of the recent kerfuffle with YouTube over not just Let’s Play videos but all videos using third-party material, as a result of an automated program that’s been flagging videos for copyright violations.  The problem is, many companies view Let’s Plays and the like as free advertising at best or a nuisance that’s tolerable as long as it isn’t used for a profit at worst, and YouTube’s program has been flagging people for very minor song violations. While I do concede that Let’s Play videos at the very least push against the boundaries of fair use, the problem – the absurdity, really – is that people are being flagged for just two or three seconds of a song clip or for a song from the video game that the primary copyright owner doesn’t even care about.   My own first Let’s Play (but weirdly not the second) got flagged just for one of the songs, even though the same song appears in the second Let’s Play.

I actually don’t have strong opinions one way or the other, since I actually don’t watch Let’s Plays usually (the big exception being Paw Dugan’s Let’s Plays of the classic Quest for Glory series).  Really the main reason I started this is that I needed practice with multimedia for my own plans for Trash Culture.  It’s far from my most popular series on Trash Culture, and it does take time to do the editing alone.  Still, I have enjoyed doing the series, and I think whatever copyright issues Let’s Play videos entail it’s ridiculous that I should have problems posting my personal commentaries on a game that’s older than most college freshmen.   My main concern, though, is that this will get in the way of me using YouTube for any later mutlimedia projects.

(BTW, I know there are alternatives to YouTube, but none I’m aware of work that well for my purposes for various reasons.  But now I definitely will look into them, especially because Google’s policies for YouTube seem like it will inevitably fuel a mass exodus).


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